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Teresa, Löckmann, M.A.
Associate Researcher in Subproject D: "The Organization of Consumer Protection – Political Actors and Legal Frameworks" (Funding Phase 2)  Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam

Under the project theme of 'Organising the Consumer Protection', the reduction of value-added tax charged on menstrual products is the starting and focal point of my study. I am interested in how it was possible to unify solidarity and the public welfare with a strong focus on gender equality, in order to change the existing law. The different actors involved – from activists to collectives and social (digital) networks to companies – are at the centre of the analysis. How these actors organised themselves and changed, how supporters were mobilised, which collaborations emerged and brought the topic of menstruation to the German Federal Parliament are the principal questions framing my research project.

I also see the importance of this research in the possibility to contribute to overcoming the taboos and stigmatisations associated with menstruation by strengthening public awareness for this topic.