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Symposium „Life Time Contracts – Principles of social long-term contracts – the case of contracts about"

Social contract law is supposed to enable social cooperation and the fulfilment of existential
needs of every person. Contracts about work, executed dependently in employment or
independently in freelance work, are therefore an excellent test case for the social workings
of contract law.
Five years after the International Social Contract Law Group (EuSoCo) published its
„Principles of social long‐term contracts“, this conference revisits the Principles in view of
recent developments in the contracting of work and labour. It departs from the analysis that
in many legal orders contract law is modelled on sales contracts. Social long‐term contracts
governing employment and work, consumer credit, renting and leasing (= Life Time
Contracts, LTC) have been put to the margins of contract law. In order to gain a fresh
perspective on how a social contract law could look like, this conference approaches basic
contractual forms, principles, common approaches and achievements in existing social
contract laws from their borders and fringes, i.e. in contracts about work.
The term “contracts about work” refers to the fact that work, in the digital age, is being
contracted not only in employment and other long‐term contracts, but more and more with
the help of digital platforms modelled on sales and spot contracts. There has been an
ongoing debate as to the boundaries between employment and self‐employment, between
organisation and market coordination. This conference searches for general principles for
contracts about work, and puts the principles of social long‐term contracts to the test of
contracts about work.

Einladung (PDF 332 KB)

Venue: Collegium Polonicum, ul. Kościuszki 1, PL 69 – 100 Słubice
For information and registration:
Prof. Dr. Eva Kocher,
Juristische Fakultät, Europa‐Universität Viadrina,
Große Scharrnstr. 59, D‐15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Contact: EuSoCo‐FfO2019@europa‐